Saturday, December 27, 2014

How to Add Your Song's Artist, Title and other Metadata using Audacity

Audacity remains one of the simplest, most useful of the open source digital audio workstations. Many find it most of its features intuitive. This post focuses on one simple function in Audacity: tagging artist and title information on a song.

As a devoted listener to independent music, I like to know the artist and title for the songs I hear. But some newer artists fail to tag their songs, usually through inadvertence or uncertainty about what to do. This is easily remediable.

Let's imagine that I've just created a song in Audacity. I hit "export" and select mp3 as the format of the song. Audacity then offers me with the chance to add information about (i.e., "tag") the song:

I then fill in the artist name, title and other information for the song:

In the flicker of a few fingertips on the keys, I've let the world know theinformation about my song. I can even signal its genre, which track it isin a collection and the year I put it out, as well as various other things.

When I am done, I just continue with the export of the newly-tagged song.

Now the mp3 bears the title and artist name:

When someone plays the song in an audio player, then the artist name and song title appear for the listener's reference.

The listener learns the title of the song and artist name, the artist gets proper credit, and everyone is happy.